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  • Bellows Cover
    Model No. GC series
    Brand Name DEFENDER
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    Certification RoHS,
    Seller Information
    Defender Machine Protection System
    Membership Top 1
    Region Taiwan
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    A. FlangeUse proper thickness of plate to fix at both sides or the protective curtain or the punched stiffener, and the other side should be fixed at the guide way. Normally a SPCC sheet metal is applied. Upon customer’s request, any shape, thickness, other metal or mounting method are available.

    B. StiffenerThe stiffener is a PVC board (meet the RoHS) that provides a support for the inside of a protective curtain. It’s not only to reduce the contact between the protective curtain and the slideway, but also to provide a solid support, rigidity and impact-resistance. The stiffener is made from wear-resistant plastic with self-lubrication feature. The availavle thickness is 0.5 / 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.0 mm. Note : the increased thickness of stiffener may affect the compressed size of the protective curtain.

    C. Protective Curtain
    The standard material of protective curtain is a black eco-friendly material coated with PUR at both sides. It features long service life. When requested, a single side with yellow or white color is available. The protective curtain and stiffener are welded securely without sewing lines or holes. It features excellent water-resistance and oil-resistance. The material thickness of the protective curtain may vary with customers’ environmental temperature, machining condition and chemical reaction.

    Restricted beltTherestricted belt is necessary to prevent over-extending of corrugation, and suitable for fast moving speed, vertical movement or large-scale protective curtain. The additional restricted belt is fitted for the protective curtain used in a closed, confined space for extending the service life of protective curtain.
    A. Flange D. Stiffener
    B. PUR protective curtain E. Sliding mechanism
    C. Weld forming  
    Top quality PUR eco-friendly protective curtain/customized shapes and sizes
    • Suitable for protecting precision transmission parts.
    • Various cover materials to choose from.
    • Available to equip with sliding mechanism and synchronized mechanism
    Roof Cover


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